When enough is enough.

I know this is going to come back and bite me. I know when I am running 15 5 minutes late and yelling asking where my black top is my Husband is going to remind me of this post.  But I think I have too much black clothing. Tops in particular.

Exhibit a. My top drawer, as in the drawer I keep my tops in, (Ms Pedantic-Pants is my middle name)  is full to over flowing with black, and remember, we’re judging me for my amount of black clothing, not the unkempt nature of said drawer… OK? Be kind.


If, in a hurry to get out the door to work I ask Hubby to get me a black top, he is in real danger of a being witness again to a full on stabby tanty pout small whine where I lament, noooo not that one! The other long sleeved one! Of which there are at least three…  thousand and seventy five. No, not really,  only about three.  It’s the mid-length sleeved ones that I have the most of.  Then there are the T-shirts, the singlet tops, the jackets, the dresses, the jeans, the skirts, the leggings and tights.

Look, I make an effort to add colour… I have grey tops too, and even some with stripes… admittedly grey and black stripes, but it’s a start.

Sometimes I even make the same mistake as Hubby and pull out the wrong top and, adding to my slight tendency to be running a bit behind schedule, put it on, only to realise just as I am heading out the door thus needing to change it.  Now I know what you’re thinking… if it’s all black, what does it matter if it’s not the top you thought it was?

Did you hear that? That was the collective sigh of wearers of black lamenting this misguided rookies mistake.  You see, the trick with the all black ensemble is the different textures, the different layers and characteristics of the fabric…  and the black bespoke (waves to Lucy, that word’s for you)  beads I bought at the NGV just do not go with the black smock top.

So, as you can see, my wardrobe problems are difficult. I am dealing with weight of fabric, texture, layering… perhaps if I added colour I wouldn’t have this problem… But then again, now I think about it, if I start introducing colour I’ll have to buy a lot of it… because black only goes with black and a bit of grey, it’s my rule for how I dress*  and Hubby and I have made a pact to spend less, and that includes eBay! … so ah, scrap that.  Black is back, and here to stay!

*except for very dark, indigo denim, and that black background, green leaf print sun dress…

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