The tireds

I have the mid month slumps. The tireds. The can I just sleep now for, like, forever? I could bore you with work business, joints not cooperating, hay fever causing major eye and nose leakage. But I won’t.

Instead I’ll tell you how today I am 41. How this means I have known my husband for over half my life, and am now pretty much the age my mother in law was when I met him.

I’ll tell you how I will never tire of the excitement five year olds have for birthdays. Or how they love to sing it to you with gusto at the top of their lungs.

How each year my parents phone and sing happy birthday in exactly the same way. How I know they do this for my siblings, my children, my niece and will for my nephew too.

I’ll tell you how as I type I can hear the person I have been with for over twenty years icing a special spelt birthday cake with choc-peppermint grated in top.

And that is how I will leave it. Because some days it’s better to focus in the good.

I miss flexing my writing muscle. But time will pass, it will be flexed once again. But for now, I am content and tired. I am ready to blow out candles and climb into bed, waiting for sleep to find me.


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