The stuff of life

In a day of highs and lows I have decided to dwell on the highs.

This week marks the celebration of the Hindi festival Diwali, The Festival of Lights.

This afternoon if you glanced through the windows of the kinder, you would have seen a mother joyfully dancing with her daughter, teaching the rest of the children and staff how to Bollywood dance. You would have seen two bent heads, as Indian mothers painted henna on hands. You would have seen feasting on home cooked food. Rice, vegetables and delicious sweets.

There were balloons, streamers and candles. There was laughter, dance and song. Red, glowing faces, from the exertion of dancing to Jai Ho.

There was a room filled with joy.

This is the stuff of life people. This is the stuff of life.

Live it to the full.

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