The not so good day. Plus one.


Yesterday was a not so good day. What seemed like an ordinary day went down hill fast. I should have known. The telltale signs were there around 7am. Pain in my hips and knees. A stiff back. Slow moving wrists.

You don’t look like you have arthritis I was told by 10am. A cursory glance at my hands followed.

I keep pretty active I said. Trailing off. Feeling deflated.

That’s the thing. I don’t look unwell. Some days I’m not. Some weeks I’m not.

My day was spent sleeping, or wanting to sleep. Timing hours so I knew when to take more pain killers. Making notes to fill the specialist in next visit.

The good in all this is the kids are older now and get it. When I say I’m having a bad day they know that means they will be the ones doing all the washing and dishes. That the heater will be turned up and I will be mostly giving orders from bed, or the couch.

The bad in all this is I ache. A lot. I am tired. More than I should be. I have not run in a week. I miss it. I should be happy I can still run at all. That my specialist supports me in this, albeit begrudgingly. But today I can’t see that so much. Today I don’t want driving a car to be an effort. Or making a cup of tea. I don’t want to have to watch how much wine I consume, or remember it’s not just my joints. Lungs, heart, eyes all get a chance at being affected too. As do my kidneys, not helped by daily medication.

Here’s hoping this flair up is short lived.

Time will tell. Tomorrow is another day.

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