The in-between.

For me this time of year is limbo. Not back at work yet, but thinking about it. Kids close to returning to school, but not just yet.  The in-between.

Books have been read, movies watched, friends and family held close.  Laughter long into the night, beaches, pools, concerts and markets. Late nights and slow mornings. The luxury of doing nothing much.

I have barely run. I think I needed not to, just for a while.  Needed to stop. Be slow. Read. Eat. Laugh. Love. Be.

This is it though. Today marks the end of the in-between. Monday is day one of work for me.  The green and the blue eyed children will return to school.  For the first time ever, to separate schools. Even when one was in child care and the other in school it was the same campus. The in-between childhood years are leaving us. As ever, my Green Eyed Girl is one step ahead of herself in that department, and for all intents and purposes the teen years are upon us.

On Monday I will step back into routine.  Back into alarms, travel mugs of sweet earl grey tea for my morning commute and searching for school socks. With high school comes new routine and we will as a family test the water, tiptoe and misstep as we find our way  through the newness into the way of doing that works for us all.

We are in-between childhood and adulthood now.  The highs and lows of it all are before our family unit.  I am looking forward to this year. The newness it brings us. The way both kids have taken charge of their own lives. The way they need us, the way we need them is shifting, changing. In-between the constant need for parent’s opinions, advice and basic support and the total independence of adulthood.  Testing, trying out, working on being self reliant. We are still needed, hubby and I, by our children, but in different ways.

We are in-between.

And between us all is love.


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