The God of Music. Review

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I have spoken before about music and it’s effect on me. Of the way it moves me. How tears welled at Gorillaz, how I wept when I heard The Hilltop Hoods. The sweet sorrow of hearing Cyndi Lauper sing Time after Time or Paul Kelly singing From St Kilda.  As a child I went to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with my grandmother.  In my family home the record player was used for a lot of music, Elvis, Tchaikovsky, Swinging Safari… John Farnham. We all grew out of John Farnham, the rest has stayed. When at my sister’s we still put on those childhood records and talk, dance and drink with them playing.  The music washing over us with memories.

I have a few musical experiences I count as my most memorable. The first time I saw Michael Franti & Spearhead. Being in the front row for the Mountain Goats belting out This Year. Coldplay singing Yellow and a wall of confetti.

In December I added the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Messiah.

Sitting in the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at the Melbourne Recital Centre with the vast wooden surfaces was an experience in itself.  The warmth of the wood on every surface gives an impression of intimacy.  This was compounded once the performance was about to begin as I could hear, as if I was standing right beside him, the intake of breath from conductor Reinhard Goebel as he raised his hand to begin.

With soloists Miriam Allan, soprano, Sally-Anne Russell, mezzo-soprano, Angus Wood, tenor and Teddy Tahu Rhodes, bass-baritone and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus led by chorus master Jonathan Grieves-Smith this was truly an experience I will not forget.

The music brought emotions to the surface, memories of place and people, memories from my soul.

It affected me physically in the deep bass coming up from the sole of my feet, the almost involuntary tapping of a hand, a finger or my foot.

It effected me emotionally, as all music does. It spoke to my spirit and rocked my soul. I tweeted the God of Music is alive and well #Messiah #MSO

For my family I have decided to make this an annual event.

The 2012 Melbourne Symphony Orchestra season has begun, and there are a range of events to choose from.  Including four free concerts in February. On the 15th, 18th, 22nd and 25th. Each with a different theme.  The weather in February is perfect for a family picnic and some music at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

For my Blue Eyed Boy I have my eye on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in October.

There are a number of children’s concerts throughout the year too. Something I look forward to taking my class to each year, and a great family outing.

Music speaks to the very soul of you.  A song, a note can bring memory flooding back.  Evoking time, place, people, emotion. What memories do you have linked to music? I’d love to know.

Disclaimer: I received two complementary tickets to the performance of Messiah from the MSO.


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