The Folly. Part Two.

Remember when I blogged about wanting a bike? I even gave a description of what it should look like and included an image with link to the site with the perfect bike? Well, today that bike showed up in my driveway. By way of the bike rack on Hubby’s car. Happy (early) birthday to me. Kudos Hubby. Job very well done. (On a side note, how kind of my roses to bloom just in time for a new bike to arrive and be photographed whimsically with them.)

Now, being as I have wanted this bike for a while, I was eager to give it test ride. Nothing wrong with that. Except I was still in my pyjamas and was wearing ugg boots. Although I would like it noted that by happy co-oincidence the pjs I had on were a perfect match for the blue of the bike, uggs notwithstanding.

I should also perhaps point out I am currently taking some fantastic pain and anti-inflammatory medication. Great for the relief of pain yes, but they do come with a warning not to drive heavy machinery or cars while taking them. I think perhaps the pharmaceutical company may also want to add bikes to their warning label.

You see, when one is gifted with the perfect bike, right down to the exact tyres one wanted, one tend to want to show appreciation by the riding of said bicycle. Even when one has a (legal) drug induced haze. And that is exactly what one does.

The first two driveway passes were done in as ladylike a fashion as can be mustered when wearing pyjamas and ugg boots. The third pass however, was when cockiness overcame sense. A twist, a slip of an ugged foot and before anyone could say ‘beautiful blue bike’ I was laying in a rock filled garden bed. Powder blue pyjama clad legs akimbo.

Luck was on my side however, as I managed to land in a bed of beautiful iris. Even in my uncoordinated haze I managed to be sure the bike was seen in its best light. Highlighted against the green leaves and deep purple of the iris blooms. Not so lucky was my bare skinned forearm which now sports a lovely bloody graze. As for the bruise and graze on my back, at least my whimsical T-shirt with birds on it was not ripped, just the skin underneath it.

Hubby did come to my rescue. Eventually. I imagine he was trying to stifle his laughter before helping me out of the iris clump.

As for the bike, it remains unscathed. My body took the blows. Luckily.

At this point I decided to wait until off my current medication and took to instagramming my blue beauty instead. The silver lining to this tale is that I am already on the drugs that will help the grazing, bruises and subsequent swelling.

My beautiful bike is resting under the veranda now, awaiting the time soon coming when I will be off the meds, of sound mind and body and can ride her. I have yet to come up with a name for my new two wheeled friend. But I am thinking Bruiser might be fitting.


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