The devil wears *insert brand of choice here*

It appears to have been my week for bloggy special attention. One of those weeks where my email runs over with exclusive invites and offers.  And it’s not that I’m not chuffed.  I am.  It’s just I wonder how much attention some of these companies really pay to the blog and blogger they schmooze?

I wonder too if they realise I have little paid or you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours content. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy to receive goods in return for blogging content… *cough* wine *sneeze* 2xu *nose wipe* Apple Mac. I’d be more than willing to write about something I loved,  *ah-tish-you*  gin, or could grow to love *yawn* Nissian Dualis.

Some of the offers this week have been kind of big compared to most, and I’ll be honest, I saw stars.  I felt all special and wanted and important. Then I got that feeling… the one I wanted to ignore.  The one that says, tread carefully missy.  The one that makes me think my Mum is watching. Then I though about it, thought some more, chatted to someone about it and realised something.  If I had to think about it this much, if the shiny fanciness of it didn’t win me over and I had to begin to justify doing it, then clearly, it wasn’t for me.

Another smaller offer was (it seemed) more tailor made.  It appeared someone at the company had at least skimmed some of my posts, and I kind of liked what they were offering… but not all of it. So I did something, for me it was kind of revolutionary (my usual tactic is to ignore.) I replied to the email outlining that some of the promotion attracted me, other bits, not so much… then I suggested a kind of middle ground.  I know, crazy!

The result of this little revolution remains to be seen. ÂBut really, I think it’s time marketing companies started tailoring their pitch to the blogosphere.  I know I’m small time, but that doesn’t mean I have to roll over and do things their way, and to be perfectly honest, nothing puts me off more than clicking through blogs and seeing the same promotion, give away blah de blah 50 gazillion times over. Slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.  The other thought I had was that really, if the marketing company don’t like my tiny negotiations it’s no big loss to me.

I also need to be true to myself, and remember that actually there are some people who come to this part of blog land and read my ramblings.  I’m not all that sure they want to see me flog something I clearly don’t use/want/like. I assume people reading this blog can see through the hype. And just to be clear, I have no issue with bloggers who do choose to take on more promotions.  No issues whatsoever.  But as I pointed out earlier this week I’m a soy latte sipping leftie, so I need to be sure my blog represents that.  Need to be sure my blog represents me… you know… me, the wine drinking, 2xu running gear wearing, apple mac using, gin swilling, Nissian Dualis lusting Naomi from Under the Yardarm.





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