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Holiday hunker down.

It's been a quiet break. Home days. Reading. Baking. Watching movies.

10 tips for a slow day

Some days you really should just stop. You should stay home and not bother with all the things you're so sure are necessary. Busy-ness shouldn't be a prize to be bragged about.

It’ll wait.

Today is a have another cup of tea day. The rest, it'll wait.

The path unknown.

Life is grand. It is just not in the way I pictured it. And that is ok. I often think about what would have happened if Hubby had not accepted that job interstate. If

Room to move

Generally I do not make new year resolutions. They are there for the breaking if you ask me.

Cheat Sheet

Today instead of blogging, I could just put a link to this post adding the words, what she said. It seems some days blogging worlds and words collide.

The Cautionary Tale of the Woman Who Turned Forty-one.

Oh it's all fun and games until someone gets high blood pressure. I had an image in my head of people with high blood pressure. They were red faced and angry, often with spittle dried


With what felt like the weight of the world on shoulders that are fairly slight, the choice was mine to make. Ignore or do. The way I saw it, the best form of defence

Brave boots

I have a pair of boots. With sturdy, stacked heels that announce I am walking. They hold me high. They make me brave.

Self indulgent note to self indulgent self.

Ignore the rain, embrace the cold, and scrunch through the leaves.