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The not so good day. Plus one.

I keep pretty active I said. Trailing off. Feeling deflated.

The Cautionary Tale of the Woman Who Turned Forty-one.

Oh it's all fun and games until someone gets high blood pressure. I had an image in my head of people with high blood pressure. They were red faced and angry, often with spittle dried

Post the thirteenth. Shuffling.

I have memories of my grandfather walking slowly in slippered feet. More still of him in a wheelchair, feet shuffling on carpet as the chair was pushed along.

Music for my aches and ails.

There are a lot of posts sitting in my drafts folder. Most of them talk about pain. I don't like to publish them. I don't want or need sympathy. I don't want more unique

Misery loves company

As I type I sit here in self made misery. My body it would seem is reminding me of it's limitations.

Finding my mojo

Since my half marathon I have only run once, and that is the sum total of exercise in two weeks.  As for eating… well, when I don’t exercise that slips too.  I am not

On pain, drugs and a day on the couch*

*Alternate title, The Day Rheumatoid Arthritis came to stay. Normally on a Monday I spend the day at work, sitting on kid sized chairs, singing The Wally Wombat Shuffle, saying put your coat on,