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The online me, the real me, and the deep dark in between.

There is a conversation happening on the interwebs at the moment about the online person versus the real person. I have been watching and reading with interest at Maxabella Loves and  Sugar Coat It .

Friday I’m in Love *warning this post contains images that readers may find distressing.

So, it’s Friday. I do love Friday. Don’t you? Today was a great day. The class were happy and engaged… there was talk of the Feiffel Tower (that’s Eiffel Tower to you) There was

OCD much?

Right. The next thing I am about to say will come as no shock to those who know me. I like things a certain way… yes things can get the better of me… like

The washing – it is mocking me.

I think the washing pile is mocking me. It is getting to an unmanageable size…AGAIN! I try, I really, really do… but sometimes I have far more important things to do than fold washing,