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The kindness of strangers

Sometimes things happen when you let them. Sometimes you need a little help.

The getting of routine

It would seem that despite my best efforts to the contrary I am someone who likes routine. I try my best to be all let's just go with it, but for me it just


It is the way of life. Not always easy, but she keeps on going around the sun, and for now, I am happy to be her shadow.

I think I found Christmas

Giving has nothing to do with presents. Nothing to do with conversations based on having Christmas shopping all done, items all wrapped.

The stuff of life

This afternoon if you glanced through the windows of the kinder, you would have seen a mother joyfully dancing with her daughter, teaching the rest of the children and staff how to Bollywood dance.

I am a mum. Sometimes I am busy. The end.

Us parents, we're all just doing what we need to do. Sometimes thats the house work. Sometimes it's not. I am a mum. Sometimes I am busy. The end.

New in the neighbourhood

I saw something new in my neighbourhood today. Something not seen here before, well not in my time living here at least. Something I am certain was here, but until now unseen.

Milky nostalgia

There are some parts of motherhood that never leave you. Like the way I was so amazed and proud of my body for carrying and birthing two healthy, if determined never to sleep, babies.

It takes a village

Blogging has taken a back seat this week while work and family life take centre stage. Luckily the gorgeous Bianca from Bigwords is hosting me today.

Dear Blue Eyed Boy

Dear Blue Eyed Boy, Hi, it’s Mum.  I know you won’t read this yet. I know you’ll take a big breath and sigh and give me that look.  The one that says really Mum?