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Excuse the mess and other bullshit.

I'm wondering what it is that makes us open our front door and almost automatically say 'excuse the mess!'

The storm before the Christmas calm.

Bring on the holidays. And perhaps a cleaning elf. And a really big bottle of gin.

Life is art. Untidy, dusy art.

People who know me know I like a tidy house. It's never perfect, there is always some stuff hanging around.

Playing house

Today I cleaned the house. Cleaned like a mofo. Things were tossed. Bags of clothes and shoes were bundled ready to be taken away. Mirrors gleam. Dark wood is dust free. Washing washed. Beds


I have read a few blogs on ritual and comfort this week, like Jane’s and Melissa’s and it got me thinking about my own. Wellbeing has been playing on my mind lately, as can

Confessions of a smug-a-holic!

Hi, my name’s Naomi… and I’m a smug-a-holic… it’s been less then 24 hours since I last had that self satisfying feeling of smugness. You see, yesterday was Sunday… and I had had a

OCD much?

Right. The next thing I am about to say will come as no shock to those who know me. I like things a certain way… yes things can get the better of me… like

The washing – it is mocking me.

I think the washing pile is mocking me. It is getting to an unmanageable size…AGAIN! I try, I really, really do… but sometimes I have far more important things to do than fold washing,