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Thinking on the rain

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the rainy morning driving my daughter and her friends to their first high school orientation. The afternoon was spent at the dentist with my kids. That’s all fine.

Some Days

And that perhaps, just maybe you don't need to be so jaded - even if it is almost the end of the year and you are tired beyond reason.

The #DPCON12 survival guide

*Or, what happens at #DPCON12 stays at #DPCON12 (unless it is blogged, tweeted, facebooked, instagrammed, photographed, added to tumblr…) That’s right ladies and gentlemen the event that bombarded twitter feeds, facebook and instagram has

Ghosts of lives past

This weekend I’ll be heading back. Back to a place I once called home. Back to a place I was desperate to leave and swore I’d never return to. Back to a town I

Friends, music, and a city I love.

Some weeks end on a nigh note. Helping you see the world through a happy lens. Helping you remember to breathe, smile a little, laugh… this week ended in such a way. And I’m