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And that perhaps, just maybe you don't need to be so jaded - even if it is almost the end of the year and you are tired beyond reason.

Friday I’m in love…

So it’s Friday at last. I really did think it would never, ever get here this week. I have been absent from my blog most of the week for a few reasons, but mainly

Friday I’m in Love *warning this post contains images that readers may find distressing.

So, it’s Friday. I do love Friday. Don’t you? Today was a great day. The class were happy and engaged… there was talk of the Feiffel Tower (that’s Eiffel Tower to you) There was

Friday, I’m in love.

Recently on a Friday afternoon after lunch and a play and a story and a chat and a drink and a rest and putting on shoes,  the class, The Lovely Assistant, any parents willing