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It is what it is

We all hover on the edges, was my answer. Some of us want to be in the thick of it. Some of us not so much. The trick is to find your space and

Holiday hunker down.

It's been a quiet break. Home days. Reading. Baking. Watching movies.


The cake may have crumbled. But turns out I didn't.

Life. It’s happening as I type.

I haven't been around much lately. Because, well, life. It is happening as I type.

Mothers’ Day

This year I said I wanted it to be a perfectly ordinary day. No muss, no fuss.

The kinda, sorta, maybe dance mom.

Turns out I am perhaps the world's worst dance mom. I have an accomplice though in the Husband, he's not all that great a dance mom either.

Birthday cake

There is something in the making of birthday cakes. There is love, in all its schmaltzy glory, stirred into every layer.

Have hatchback, will travel.

Today I'm heading to Tasmania with the kids. There is nothing new in this, being as much of our family live there, as do many friends.


I may wear my heart on my sleeve, but for now, I've covered it in a button down shirt, keeping it safe.

Through the Wardrobe. The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibition.

Something happened when we entered the pavilion. There is, it seems, a little bit of magic left after all. The friends pushed through two large wooden doors and found themselves in a wardrobe. In