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Don’t Ask Me

Sometimes talking about everything except the giant, awkward and uncoordinated elephant in the room is the order of the day.

When the baker isn’t baking.

There has been a sad lack of baking in the house the past few weeks. Like most other people, it's not until I stop that I realise just how much I needed to. But,


There are times when training and tapering is all. It wasn't one of those weeks. I'm good with that.

Boozy Cake

It's a cake of family memories. And gin. It is full of heart. Just the way it should be.

It is what it is

We all hover on the edges, was my answer. Some of us want to be in the thick of it. Some of us not so much. The trick is to find your space and

Holiday hunker down.

It's been a quiet break. Home days. Reading. Baking. Watching movies.


The cake may have crumbled. But turns out I didn't.

Life. It’s happening as I type.

I haven't been around much lately. Because, well, life. It is happening as I type.

Mothers’ Day

This year I said I wanted it to be a perfectly ordinary day. No muss, no fuss.

The kinda, sorta, maybe dance mom.

Turns out I am perhaps the world's worst dance mom. I have an accomplice though in the Husband, he's not all that great a dance mom either.