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It’s raining.

Today I am happy. Today I am writing.

The Slump

On my grave stone it will say, she was a writer. Of sorts. She took her password and drafts folder to the grave.

Vague Blogging

Some days it is not so much what is written as the spaces in between the words. In what is not said more than what is. In the lack of posts. Or, sometimes in

Post the five-hundredth

Well there you go. This is the five-hundredth post. There are six thousand comments in all as I type. As for spam, 9,384 have been caught by my lovely spam filter. That's a

Admitting defeat

So it is more than clear now that I have completely failed at the whole blog every day for a month thing. I admit defeat. I have no excuse. I just didn't blog some


The start of November is also the time when many people begin a month long heads down at the keyboard writing. NaNoWriMo to be exact.

Same blog, different face.

Change is something I’m pretty used to. Sometimes I don’t really like it, but I get on with it regardless. Mostly though I like it. If you’re not changing, you’re standing still, and that


Some weeks I’m tired in a good way. This is one of those weeks.  Meet ups with bloggers who have become friends, great runs and looking forward to the hurt of sit ups and

Cornflake girl

When I began blogging I thought perhaps my family and a few friends may read it.  I even thought some people I didn’t know might read too. Writing brings me great joy and I’m


Like many other bloggers last weekend I headed to Federation Square in my home town to attend a blogging conference. Blogopolis, organised by Nuffnang and attended by roughly three hundred people. Armed with only