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Admitting defeat

So it is more than clear now that I have completely failed at the whole blog every day for a month thing. I admit defeat. I have no excuse. I just didn't blog some


So, I had a day specific post yesterday. I was all clever with the technology, knowing I would be out all day and into the night. I wrote, I linked, I edited and added

The post of good intentions.

I am officially using my get out of gaol free card for blogvember.

Confessions of a baggy pant wearer.

Confession. I love harem pants. Slouch pants, low crotch (google at you own risk) pants, happy pants. Call them what you will, call me what you will, I love them.

Cheat Sheet

Today instead of blogging, I could just put a link to this post adding the words, what she said. It seems some days blogging worlds and words collide.

The Cautionary Tale of the Woman Who Turned Forty-one.

Oh it's all fun and games until someone gets high blood pressure. I had an image in my head of people with high blood pressure. They were red faced and angry, often with spittle dried


I am angry at the universe today. I am rebelling against it by cleaning the toilet in good clothes. I am playing music loud and throwing caution to the wind. That that universe! Get

The stuff of life

This afternoon if you glanced through the windows of the kinder, you would have seen a mother joyfully dancing with her daughter, teaching the rest of the children and staff how to Bollywood dance.

Post the thirteenth. Shuffling.

I have memories of my grandfather walking slowly in slippered feet. More still of him in a wheelchair, feet shuffling on carpet as the chair was pushed along.

The tireds

Instead I'll tell you how today I am 41. How this means I have known my husband for over half my life, and am now pretty much the age my mother in law was