Some Days

There are some days when a walk and company are all that is needed.

There are days when the best company is none at all.

There are days when you decided to stay, have one more glass of wine with a friend. To walk, leaving the car to be collected the next day. You head through their garden, out the back gate and down the road to home.

There are days when nearing the end of the work year you are tired and feeling a little bit jaded about, well, most things really. But on a walk home on a hot summer evening, you stop and look around you, and then you remember to see.

You remember that there is beauty, there is peace and calm, there are dirt roads and good friends. And that perhaps, just maybe you don’t need to be so jaded – even if it is almost the end of the year and you are tired beyond reason.

And instead of hurrying your daughter along, you slow your pace and take in the warm air, and listen as she talks of her day.

Some evenings the God of Small Things reminds me with a crunch of a foot on gravel that perhaps, some days are not so bad after all.


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