Seven Deadly Sins

A lovely blogging friend Jade tagged me in this.  (Jade is also the one who sourced the image I have used in this post. I did look for others, but this was the best image! Call it a little but of envy & sloth mixed together… well, it is a post about the seven deadly sins after all.)

All I have to do is share with you all my seven deadly sin temptations. So here then is a little insight into me!

Gluttony. What can’t you get enough of, even though it’s bad for you?

Chips, plain chips.  Really I could eat them all. the. time.  Put a bowlful near me and look out. Munch, munch, munch.

Lust. What does it for you?

Forearms.  Seriously underrated body part.  Also, a well dressed suit man… or a scruffy dreadlocked guy. But, if I’m being really honest the thing that does it for me? A really good flirt.

Wrath. What makes you cranky?

Down right rudeness.  Blatant line pushing, ignoring merging traffic, shoving past people… seriously, are you so much more important than the rest of us?

Envy. What makes you green?

People with on tap child minders.

Sloth. How do you relax?

Sitting on my bed with a good book for a whole day, ignoring everyone and everything.

Pride. What are you inordinately proud of?

My Blue Eyed Boy and my Green Eyed Girl.

Greed. What do you get greedy for?

Clothes, clothes, clothes… and shoes, shoes, shoes… and some accessories.

Now it’s my turn to tag three people.

Megan from Writing out Loud

Emily from emlykd the strange

Lucy from Diminishing Lucy

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