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As I scheduled this post last night I saw a flurry of activity on Twitter. One of our own is in crisis. Lori form Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mum posted this.  Her husband is in intensive care.  Together they have two small children. She is asking for our prayers.  Asking us to keep her and her family foremost in our thoughts. This weeks FYB is a special one dedicated to Lori.


Everything old is new again.

So, here I am with a thought that just will not go away. It’s been brewing for some time, and I have managed to ignore it for the most part.

But, here it is, tap, tap, tapping away at my head from the inside, and finally it’s coming out.  For better or worse.

I have a lot of stuff.  Clothes mainly.  I love them.  A lot.  Too much to be honest.

Over the past few years Hubby and I have been conscious of the furniture we buy, and try to buy second hand when ever we can, as opposed to always buying brand new form perhaps less than equitable suppliers or resource users.

We have purchased furniture from local second hand stores and by scouring eBay.  We have also bought from Ikea, and I really need to look into how they source their woods, factories they use, how responsible they are locally and globally.

It’s no secret that I vote Green.  It’s no secret that I sometimes use plastic bags because I forget my shopper bags. It’s no secret that I commute to work in a car by myself. Often I don’t check the carbon offset when I book flights. But, you see being green, being environmentally aware, loudly asking for coffee that is fair trade is simply not enough.  Sure all these things are important. But there are bigger issues here.  Being responsible for the planet means being responsible for the people already on it, and for the way we purchase and throw away.

My sister has a rule about electrical goods.  Her rule is that she does not buy new ones.  Some items in her home have been given to her, others have been bought second hand. Recently she was asked at a dinner party (for no apparent reason) what size her TV was. Seriously.  As if this would have some baring on the way she was thought of and judged.  Really, is that what makes you successful? The size of your TV?

And that, brings me to my conundrum.  While I am trying my best to ensure our house hold items are local, ethical, small footprinted as possible, I am less so with my clothing.

Clothes and I have a long relationship. I was born loving them.  I have always loved them.  I covet them on other people, I see a top and immediately my head whurs into action thinking of ways to wear it, what to wear it with, where to wear it, what accessories to go with it… on and on and on.

I’m not brave enough to say I will not buy any new clothes because I know I will not be able to do that.  But I am brave enough to say this year I will try to source clothing from a range of places that mean I am not contributing to mass production as much.  I will try to recycle the clothes I have that are worn out, by reusing them in new ways. I will remind myself that while those jeans I am eyeing off are fantastic, I already have too many pairs at home, and I am not a big wearer of them usually anyway.  I will make more of an effort to visit places like Vinies and the Salvos.  I will get off my arse and attend at least one clothes swap event.  I will keep eBaying and I will use Made it and Etsy more.

I will not buy for the sake of it.  I will get creative with what I have, thinking about new ways to wear the dresses, tops, skirts, leggings, boots, shoes, jackets, and accessories I have.  I will challenge myself.  I will layer like no bodies business. I will. I will. I will.

And you, lovely readers will hold me accountable.

This is the hardest thing I have ever decided to do.  That may make me shallow. But there you have it.  Even now as I type I am thinking of my Country Road card and all the lovely offers it provides me with.  But I don’t like to think about just how much money I have spent in their stores to be given such offers, and that it is a marketing ploy that I have willingly fallen for.   I am thinking of the lovely new cocktail dress I have in mind for my 40th birthday this year… while I already have perfectly decent ones in my wardrobe that have only been worn once.  I am thinking of all the lovely winter clothes that will (some what obscenely) be hitting stores soon.  But I need to remind myself that I can buy, swap, recycle these items without the need for brand new.

That if I really want to walk the green walk I need to do this in all areas of my life, not just the ones that I choose.

So, this is me, challenging myself to be mindful of what I wear, where it comes from, and how I come by having it. Hard? Yes.  Doable? Yes.

Wish me luck.

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