Same blog, different face.

Change is something I’m pretty used to. Sometimes I don’t really like it, but I get on with it regardless. Mostly though I like it. If you’re not changing, you’re standing still, and that is not always a good thing. Think for example if you had not changed your hair from that body wave perm you had in the 80s. Well, OK maybe that was just me, but really it was bad (not that I thought so at the time.)

I change things about myself a fair bit. Different styles of dressing, new hair cuts, new hair colours, I am still fundamentally the same person, but I get bored with the same things all the time. I like to try new things, change up how I dress, how I do my hair. It’s fun. I love clothes, and as I get older I love not being tied to latest trends. Modern, not trendy.

So it is with my blog. I got bored of seeing the same design. I was over it. So I contacted my designer, AKA the Hubby, and sent him a barrage of emails with ideas, fonts and images. An unholy mess of stuff I thought I liked and it was then over to him to make sense of it all and create a new design for me. Lucky he lets me pay in, er, cups if tea. I have a feeling if I wasn’t married to him he may have suggested we were not suited to working together and given me the business card of another designer. One he wants to exact revenge of some sort on.

Change, reinvention, it’s something some people make a living from. I’d say to me Madonna is the master of it. Say what you will about her, but she has managed to stay relevant for at least thirty years, and she didn’t do it by staying the same fresh faced bleached, permed, bra showing, popped coller girl from the borderline video clip (which was my first ever seen Madonna video when I was 10.)  Now, I’m no Madonna, but I do like a bit of a change.

So then, here is my new blog design. Same me, same writing, different look. And hey, it was cheaper than a new hair colour!

What about you, do you like change? Chase it? Or hate it?

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