Boozy Cake

It's a cake of family memories. And gin. It is full of heart. Just the way it should be.

Well, what do you know…

Well, what do you know. Actual words. Written, edited (a little) and published. The pull to write never left. The words float in my head. But time is key. The world has pulled in

It is what it is

We all hover on the edges, was my answer. Some of us want to be in the thick of it. Some of us not so much. The trick is to find your space and

Everything old

The husband looked a little frightened when I commented I may make some macrame plant hangers, as I clicked through pinterest, pinning all the best ones.

Holiday hunker down.

It's been a quiet break. Home days. Reading. Baking. Watching movies.

How to make a Golden Gaytime ice cream cake.

Over the past 6 weeks there have been three birthdays and an anniversary in our house. That means, among other things, cake. While I am no master cake maker, I do love having a

It’s raining.

Today I am happy. Today I am writing.

And then I wanted to write.

I make no promise of timelines, of schedules, of regular posts. But the need to write has come back. So write I will

Thinking on the rain

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the rainy morning driving my daughter and her friends to their first high school orientation. The afternoon was spent at the dentist with my kids. That’s all fine.


The cake may have crumbled. But turns out I didn't.