Run: Half Marathon. Four weeks to go.

Alternative  title – Four weeks to go and a dreaded lurgy of doom. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration. Yesterday it was exactly four weeks until the half marathon. Not long. Last week I bemoaned

Home: Movie Night.

We love watching movies. Movie nights happen each weekend. It's a serious business. There are rules. And potato chips.

Time Well Spent

Perhaps my resistance to reading 'ten steps to anything' will serve me well, if ever the un-dead take over.

Run. The good and the bad of injury.

Runners are not always known for their willingness to be sensible and miss runs. But, this year I have decided to try it.

In The Scheme Of Things.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a minor teary tantrum, in the dark of my car, before eating my feelings at a drive-through burger establishment.

Hey! It’s Early Childhood Educators Day.

Today is Early Childhood Educators Day. I got a cupcake. I'm good with that.

Bake. Burnt Butter Biscuits.

Burnt Butter Biscuits. Buttery, nutty, and perfect with a cup of tea while writing reports. If only there was time to actually bake them!

Just you wait, they said.

To the people who say 'just you wait...' I am not waiting. That time will never come. I don't believe in prophecy, and I think, for what it's worth, you're wrong.

Bake. Mum’s quick mix chocolate cake.

It's guaranteed, most of my runs, especially the longer ones, involve thinking about cake.

What I’m Loving Right Now. The West Wing Edition

The Husband and I are rekindling our love of the TV series The West Wing.