It has been a busy week here.  Work and school began again, along with routine.  By Friday I caught myself trying to work out how many weeks I had been back at work, er that would be one.  Yes, that’s how tired I am! Tiredness not just caused by being back in the work routine.  I blame a little thing called le Tour de France, and in particular one Cadel Evans. Only two more nights to go!

But this week I am all about motivation, not how tired I am (especially as most of the sleepiness is self induced.) Motivation has been a little lacking, unless you include the motivation to procrastinate, of which I am a master. So this week I pulled my self together and got on with things.  Sunday marked twelve weeks until the half marathon. It also marked the beginning of my twelve week training.  It needs a little tweaking, but so far it’s going well.  Having a goal and writing down what to do each day for me makes a huge difference.

For me though, the biggest breakthrough in motivation came from twitter and blogs.  I was part of a twitter conversation about writing, and why you stop.  Tweets about lack of time, self doubt, and the fact that attempting to write a manuscript is just bloody hard flew. The tweets were part of research for Bern to use in a post at So Now What. Two things stuck with me from the twitersation: Just write. Simple as that.  It’s a draft, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be written if you in fact want to be able to edit and criticise. The second thing that stuck was from Al Tait, who encouraged us to write each day, but be realistic about it.  Al attempts to write 500 words a day.  For me, that is usually achievable, as long as I don’t stay up to the wee hours watching cyclists in France!

So, I explained to my family that I would be writing each day – not blog writing, not twitter writing *ahem* but my story. And that when I said I was doing that, I was to be left alone.  Completely. Unless the house was burning down or there was real blood – not just a scratch mind you, severed limb type blood.

I have not managed to write every day – I need to be realistic.  I have full days of work as well.  But I have written some days.  It felt good.  Really good to be getting some of what is in my head out into written form.

So this week I am grateful for twitter, blogs, bloggers and motivation. And for an online community who support and encourage.

While Maxabella is on a well earned break, Beth form BabyMac is hosting weekend grateful.  It’s a beautiful blog to visit, and she may even have some yummy baking left if you hurry!

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