Today is the first of November. It’s also the time of year men begin to grow all manner of moustache. I can’t say I mind. It’s no secret I’m quite partial to a well groomed mo.

Each year I watch as menfolk face the 1st of November clean shaven, then will their facial hair to grow, grow, grow. I’m not really content with a plain old mo. I want to see style, flair, wax tipped and twisted ends. Any man can grow a mo, it takes a certain amount of dedication and manliness to style and groom a mo into something a little more special.

Movember has taken on a more personal note this year. My father has been living with Prostate Cancer for almost four years. This year, along with my brother in law and a band of merry men and women, we have created a movember team. Together we are Team Charliehorse. My parents are private people, and I don’t tend to talk much publicly about our family life with cancer. But, this movember, with Dad taking part, it’s a little special. You can read a bit about Dad here.

My Dad was a fit, active man. A mad-keen fly fisherman, he’d think nothing of being up at 4am to walk through the dark, cold wilds of the Tasmanian Highlands to be at the perfect fishing spot come dawn. He’d think nothing of having three grandkids piled onto him at once. He’d think nothing of pushing a mower over a huge, hilly block of land. Or of standing in a crowd of thousands, his eldest grandson on his shoulders, for the ANZAC Dawn Service. Backed up later that same day by being in the MCG with his family to watch our beloved Collingwood do battle with Essendon. Oh yeah, he’s also a published author.

Now, while I’m more then certain I could grow a mo, I prefer to help out in other ways. Mo-sistas are the women standing with the men growing the mos. Mo sistas can do all sorts of things to help. For me, that’s taking part on the Melbourne City2Sea fun run. I’ll wear a mo and ham it up. I’ll also be doing a bit of blogging about mens health over the month.

Our family is on a roller coaster ride like no other. Being a mo sista, or in this case a mo daughter is the least I could do. I wear my heart on my sleeve, runners on my feet, and now, a mo on my face.

What can you do? Read up on mens health. Start a conversation with your menfolk. Donate to Team Charliehorse.

photo credit: Gerardo Obieta via photopin cc

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