It’s beginning to look a like someone needs to fold some washing, oh and Christmas.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially if my instagram feed is anything to go by. Things are no different in this house. Yesterday we spent a good part of the day setting up and decorating.

If you were to walk in our  front door you would be greeted by a Christmas tree with what amounts to about six metres of lights twinkling at you. Walk into the living room and you will see a mantle adorned with all things festive. Now, turn your head towards the eight seater couch, on the table behind it is an antique stained glass nativity. What? You can’t see the couch? It’s right there, see?  Under that huge pile of unfolded washing. Mt. Washmore.

Yesterday the tree went up and the kids got busy adding all the decorations. There is no theme. Just a jumble of decorations collected over the years. I potted around hanging fairy lights in the kitchen, cutting holly for the lounge room mantle (where there are more lights), filling a vase with leftover baubles, adding candles and tea lights, that kind of stuff. All very holly homemaker.

I really get a kick out of this kind of thing. Decorating, rearranging, making our house a home with all the personal touches. I even added to the ever growing feed of Christmas related instagram photos, and I am fairly certain I have not finished. The decorating or the instagramming of it.

I love Christmas. For one I can indulge in an over use of fairy lights throughout the house. And even though the whole Father Christmas thing is a bust here, both kids still get excited about the whole event. It’s just their wish lists are a lot more reasonable these days. I love the house looking festive, full of light, sparkles and candles.

I also know I am merely human. I work, Hubby works, the kids work damn hard at school. We are all getting very tired. It has been a full on year and sometimes things like folding the washing get ignored. For days weeks on end. We forage for clothes from the piles scattered throughout the house.

So while our house if full of Christmas cheer, with beautiful mantels, a shimmering tree and a growing number of fairy light sets; it is also adorned with Mt. Washmore, piles of dirty dishes and a bathroom that really does need someone to clean it at some stage.

It is our house, it is our home, and it shows the signs of a busy life.

I have however, come up with a cunning plan. If there is something this family all loves it’s cricket. The TV in the lounge is the place to be for all things cricket viewing. Now, if any family member wants to actually sit down and enjoy some TV cricket viewing, first they need to fold Mt Washmore. It may well be my most genius idea ever.

During December there is the added bonus of being able to view a beautifully decorated tree, mantles and side tables while folding the crumpled pile of clothes.

I have decided I will keep this going throughout the year, who knows, we may actually keep on top of the washing. Though I highly doubt it. As for ironing, I’m certain that’s just an urban myth.

So, while you may see me on facebook or instagram posting photos of beautiful mantels and Christmas trees, of well planned out and wrapped gifts, and still more fairy lights, remember there is also a Mt Washmore lurking on a couch. Dishes waiting to be done and no doubt, a bathroom in desperate need of a clean.

Christmas, distracting people from housework with shiny lights and baubles since electricity became common place. How are your Christmas plans going? More importantly, how high is your Mt. Washmore?

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