It’ll wait.

It'll wait

Today I am having one of those days. The one where washing is piled, carpet waits to be vacuumed, surfaces need dusting. Instead I have been pinning, reading, and applying nail polish.

Today is an it’ll wait day.

Because it will.

The washing is done. It’s dry. It’s not folded or put away. It’ll wait.

The floor is not beyond dirty. On the weekend a child, or an adult will vacuum.

The dust is a fine layer. No one will write their name in it. There is no white glove test. On the weekend someone will grab a cloth, dampen it with water, dab some essential oil on it and dust. It’ll wait.

I am tired. Monday was a long day.

The weekend was full.

My legs ache and my head does too.

There is homework and work. Sunlight hours are precious as we edge towards winter.

It’ll wait. The non-essential things.

Today is a have another cup of tea day. The rest, it’ll wait.


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