#iHappy Monday

iHappy Monday MONA keep cup

An #iHappy start to my Monday with earl grey in my favourite keep cup.

I am always somewhat surprised by how quickly Monday rolls around. You’d think I would be on to it by now. Come 5pm Sunday it’s usually a flurry of finding uniforms.

I am equally alarmed that the washing has not managed to fold itself. Or put it’s neatly folded piles in the right rooms and drawers. Someone really should make a machine for that.

Last week some people got to chatting on twitter about the good old days of blogging. When things were simple and no one talked about SEO. I am crap at SEO. I get it, I just like to tag my posts things like, blogging the shit out of it. Or, Mama needs a cocktail. SEO queen I am not. But amuse myself I do.


The gist of the conversation was that Brenda from Mummy Time  decided to resurrect her meme iHappy Monday. Read about it here.

In a nutshell, it’s all about bringing the happy on a Monday. A moment of your day that made you happy. It’s as easy as clicking a photo and uploading it to instagram. Just tag the photo #iHappyMonday. Or you can upload a photo to twitter, facebook or blog it. Just make sure you use the tag. Easy as that.

I’ll be joining in, like last week, via instagram. You can find my photos there under my username nomiept.  Or you can subscribe to my feed via followgram.

It’s a great way to get things going on a Monday. So get clicking and an iHappy Monday to you all.


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