Hump Day Happiness

Well hello Hump Day, glad you could make it, I’m ready for the downward run to the weekend and two weeks holiday. So bring 3.30pm Friday ASAP thanks.

This is the time of the week when I look back over the past seven days and think about what made me happy.  It’s a little bit of positive in the busy and somewhat stressful world we all live in.  It’s easy to dwell on the bad stuff… why do we do that anyway? So on hump day I like to think about the good stuff and remember that life isn’t all bad after all. I try to think of three things from the past seven days that have brought a smile or a little sunshine into the week.

So then here are my three then it’s over to you…

Friday evening we headed to the local shopping complex (it’s become a bit of a fortnightly tradition) to do all the things we need to… new shoes for the feet of the ever growing children, pocket money spending at stationary stores and lego suppliers, books, fish food, that top I’ve been eyeing off… then we choose somewhere for a meal in the restaurant area… not the food court.  I love it. Relaxing, enjoyable, family times.

A weekend with my sister, brother in law and niece… including sing star.  ABBA sing star. Nuff said.

A new store find on Etsy… 3 words ~ skirts, birds, screen print. Ok, well four words.

Now over to you, what has made you happy this week? Leave a comment or do your own post, link it back and let me know so I can come see! Lets spread the happy.

Happy Hump Day!

N xxx


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