Goodbye Winter, hello Spring.

Today is the last day of Winter. This makes me happy. Very happy.

Every year I excitedly anticipate the arrival of Winter.  I lovingly look at my winter clothing and can not wait to wear it. Buy by about one month in I am craving sunshine and warmth and a lack of umpteen dozen layers. And coat. And scarf. And long boots.  And the need to put on and take off said layers each time I go form outdoors to indoors and back again, which as a Kinder teacher can be a lot.

Here in the hills Winter can be beautiful. Mist and cloud rolling in enveloping the tall gum trees.  The chance to rug up and walk briskly to a local cafe to sit in warmth with food and drink. The ever present glass of red wine and heart warming winter cooking.

But it also brings with it a lack of sun, and no sun means no vitamin D.  I like the sun,  I need the vitamin D. It makes me happy.  It helps my bones to not hurt, and in monitored doses it makes me look less pasty.

There has been a definite lack of sunshine this Winter.  There has been a lot of rain here in Victoria… and while I am among the first to welcome the rain and it’s reservoir filling ways, the grey clouds have been hanging heavily overhead for too long. Spring will be a very welcome addition to the year, that’s for sure.

Spring brings warmth and the promise of sun kissed days to come.  I begin to lean more towards white wine. Clothes that have been tucked away come back to mind.  Sandals and thongs (flip flops not underwear) come out and so do sun hats.  I begin to think about outdoor gatherings with friends… and the days seem lighter.

The sun makes me happy.  So does it’s warmth.  It lifts my spirit.  So Spring, nice to see you, put your feet up and stay a while xxx


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