Friday, it’s for wine.

Some days are better then others. Fact. Some days work and family collide into one almighty I need a glass of wine moment. Sometimes, just when your wine rack is all but empty an email arrives asking if you would like to try out some wines from an online wine store.

You can imagine my (well hidden) excitement.  I managed to sound like a super professional when I spoke with PR. Lucky they could not actually see me fist pumping the air. Finally, someone caught on to the fact I like a wine or two. Wine Selectors I salute you.

Now, as much as I love my local bottle shop, where the staff know my name and my drinks of choice, it is not always all that convenient. Sometimes I want to be able to browse wines while in my pyjamas. I know, I’m all class. Sometimes I’d like to buy more than a bottle here and a bottle there. Stocking up for when one of those days come along when you know it’s a glass of wine kind of day.

This is where wine selectors come in. An online wine delivery service. Where choosing hand picked and taste tested wine (now there’s a job I could get used to) is just a click away. Reds, whites, rosé, sparkling, mixed cases. They are all there. You can buy by price, set up for regular deliveries and (my favourite) choose via region. Too easy.

Best mail I’ve received for a while.

Wine Selectors choose their wines from over 400 producers. Prices start at the very reasonable end and move up from there. What I loved was that I could take my time choosing the wines I wanted. In my pyjamas. While tweeting. I wasn’t wrangling shopping bags, wondering if the traffic home would be horrid, or having to wait in line. I don’t know about you, but the cues at my local bottle shop can get pretty long some days.

Choosing the wines themselves was easy, each has a description, food matching notes, and an indication of how dry or sweet it is. My only real issue was actually making my choices.

With wine Selectors you can set up regular deliveries, Choose from reds or whites. Buy mixed cases, by region or price, starting at under $10 a bottle.

Each Friday I meet up after work with a good friend, we share a bottle, debrief from our working week, and begin to relax into the weekend. Thanks to wine selectors, this lovely weekly tradition just got  little bit easier.

Would you, do you buy your wine online? Or are you brave enough to enter your local bottle shop in your pyjamas?

Disclaimer: I received wine of my choice to the value of $120 from Wine Selectors.


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