Everything old is new again – the Wild Things

While I am in Tassie this time, I am having a girls night. Folding up a dress into my suitcase, and packing heels, I thought of a few posts I wrote about girls nights out in 2009. Some things have changed, there is another child… there are new partners, there are new friends… this time the dress will be blue.  But the sentiment is the same.

So then, here is a post I wrote about a night out in Hobart A (bad) tribute to Where the Wild Things Are – without a doubt my favourite childhood book. So here goes my version (with apologies in advance!)

The night Nay wore her black dress and drank cocktails of one kind and another her friends called her Wild Thing! and vowed to not tell anyone she was a mother (or them either)

That very night in a bar near you, the camera flashed, the iphone tweeted, and facebook was updated until the drinks were drank, and feet were sore and Nay sailed away through night and day and in and out of clubs and almost over a year it seemed, to the place where The Wild Things are.

And the Wild Things laughed their happy laughs, and drank their terrible(ly good) drinks, and rolled their shining eyes, till Nay said don’t stop!

So the Wild Things roared their drunken roars, and danced their terrible dance, and staggered home through day, and night, with bunting (don’t ask) and into the dawn of their very own (fold out) bed (at Sis’s).

and the next morning they found their coffee waiting for them and it was still hot! Did I say it was a good tribute? No! But for the family that was made, much lurve to you all xxx

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