Cornflake girl

When I began blogging I thought perhaps my family and a few friends may read it.  I even thought some people I didn’t know might read too. Writing brings me great joy and I’m happy to share it on the blogosphere.

I have been lucky.  I have some regular readers and have made some wonderful connections and real friendships, this was something I didn’t even contemplate when I began. I have been to conferences, meet ups, brunches and emailed being asked to blog about products, services and community organisations. I have even said yes to some of those emails!

But, never, ever in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a cornflake girl.

You see, many moons ago, before children and marriage there were three girls. My sister a friend and me.  We lived close to each other and were finishing uni.  We baked scones and had afternoon teas. We sat in the sun in each others yards.  We danced into the wee small hours and walked the steep hill home in the bitter cold of Hobart winters.  And through all this we had a soundtrack. A soundtrack that to this day peppers our conversations, keeps our memories alive, wraps us in the familiar and makes us laugh and cry and love.

Our soundtrack was Tori Amos.  Her songs spoke to us.  They still do. They are the warp and weft of our early twenties.  When we were finding ourselves, falling in love and full of future promise.  We have lasted distance, time and years.

So, when last Thursday I was invited to a brunch by Louisa of Brand Meets Blog and  Kelloggs, I thought I may get a few cereal boxes to take home. Which I did… and my growing almost teen Blue Eyed Boy has been in cereal eating heaven since then. There were a number of other goodies too, and it was great to have a chance to speak with Kelloggs representatives and talk about concerns and give feedback, as well as eat a yummy brunch. But, what I didn’t expect was to get my very own cornflake box.  Complete with my face on it and my blog.

I am a cornflake girl… so now all that is left to do is ask:  Rabbit… where’d you put the keys, girl?

Do you have an artist like Tori that floods you with memories?


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