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In The Scheme Of Things.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a minor teary tantrum, in the dark of my car, before eating my feelings at a drive-through burger establishment.

What I’m Loving Right Now. The West Wing Edition

The Husband and I are rekindling our love of the TV series The West Wing.

A week is a long time. Three years is even longer.

I continue to be baffled at the decisions of the new government; and if someone could explain to me the weird that was Q and A last night, I'd be ever so grateful.

Roll up! roll up! The election is in town.

Tick, tick tick. An election is coming. Again. While politicians and the media scramble for sound bites the voting public watch on. Who to vote for, how to vote, how not to vote, where

Introverts unite. Quietly. In a corner. Shhh…

My introvert self is telling the rest of me to stop. So I have.

Vague Blogging

Some days it is not so much what is written as the spaces in between the words. In what is not said more than what is. In the lack of posts. Or, sometimes in

The path unknown.

Life is grand. It is just not in the way I pictured it. And that is ok. I often think about what would have happened if Hubby had not accepted that job interstate. If

Reality check

If something happens and it isn't posted on social media does it really happen?

Nothing much

And while the sun shines and I am warm to the bone with its rays I will be content with each day as it comes.

Cave Dwelling

Contrary to popular belief not everything a blogger does is up for public viewing and comment. Some things are just for the blogger.