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Away from the humdrum

If you were in Melbourne on Wednesday night, you would have seen a city alive with sumer. People walking, milling, sitting. Sharing time with friends, family, or alone.

Through the Wardrobe. The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibition.

Something happened when we entered the pavilion. There is, it seems, a little bit of magic left after all. The friends pushed through two large wooden doors and found themselves in a wardrobe. In

Letting Go a Little. Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate – Review.

Sometimes you just have to get over yourself and let go a little; sometimes letting the inner child out is good for the soul. Thanks to Cavanagh PR that is just what I did

Ratbags, scandal and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Review

A lot is happening in my part of the world. Work, home, social life, family. It's all good, but it's all busy. I like to have a work life balance. Ridiculous, over used phrase that

Ballet, my city and cross generational joy. Review

Living in Melbourne is something I can take for granted. Our home in the hills is about as far away from the city as you can be and still get away with saying

The God of Music. Review

{image credit  megan kristine } I have spoken before about music and it’s effect on me. Of the way it moves me. How tears welled at Gorillaz, how I wept when I heard The Hilltop

An orchestra, a wolf, and a boy named Peter. Review

Memory is a funny thing. It can play tricks on you.  It can make you laugh, cry, reminisce about the good old days.  For me, it is often linked to music, clothes, people.  Some