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The kindness of strangers

Sometimes things happen when you let them. Sometimes you need a little help.

What I’m Loving Right Now. The West Wing Edition

The Husband and I are rekindling our love of the TV series The West Wing.

Everything old

The husband looked a little frightened when I commented I may make some macrame plant hangers, as I clicked through pinterest, pinning all the best ones.

Holiday hunker down.

It's been a quiet break. Home days. Reading. Baking. Watching movies.

Thinking on the rain

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent the rainy morning driving my daughter and her friends to their first high school orientation. The afternoon was spent at the dentist with my kids. That’s all fine.


The cake may have crumbled. But turns out I didn't.

Stuff. It happens.

Stuff. It happens. It is what life is made of. Live it. Live it well.

10 tips for a slow day

Some days you really should just stop. You should stay home and not bother with all the things you're so sure are necessary. Busy-ness shouldn't be a prize to be bragged about.

So, it’s been a while.

The writing may change, but then again, don't all things? Nothing worth keeping stands still, well, not in my mind anyway.

Life. It’s happening as I type.

I haven't been around much lately. Because, well, life. It is happening as I type.