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Cocktail hour. Bringing it back.

When I was a child at one stage we lived in a house that had a built in bar in the lounge room. It hid behind a wood paneled wall, like a secret door.

The devil wears *insert brand of choice here*

It appears to have been my week for bloggy special attention. One of those weeks where my email runs over with exclusive invites and offers.  And it’s not that I’m not chuffed.  I am.  It’s

Hump Day Happiness – the post blog conference one.

Oh Wednesday, you have been a long time coming this week. A. Long. Time. I am so, so looking forward to the weekend, please may it come soon and swiftly. Hump Day is the

Community, inspiration, friendship and the robot dance.

I’m not really sure how to describe the past few days… And I know I’m not alone in this. Just how do you describe meeting for the first time, face to face, people you

A conference, a neurotic woman and being human.

In a little over a week, I will be on my way to Sydney, cue excitement.  While there I will be attending the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference. Cue more excitement.  I will be meeting

Friends, music, and a city I love.

Some weeks end on a nigh note. Helping you see the world through a happy lens. Helping you remember to breathe, smile a little, laugh… this week ended in such a way. And I’m

Everything old is new again – the Wild Things

While I am in Tassie this time, I am having a girls night. Folding up a dress into my suitcase, and packing heels, I thought of a few posts I wrote about girls nights

Well hello there!

  You know that holiday haze where you’re not sure what day it is, or if it’s breakfast or lunch time? When a chat with friends turns into a lazy day on a deck

Just keep swimming…

  I have almost made it.  I am almost there.  Almost.  The end of the school year is less than a week away.  Less. Than. A. Week. I am so tired the thought of

Welcome to Zombie Land…

  It’s that time of year again.  October is well and truly here and November is rapidly approaching. That, for me means one all consuming thing. Report writing time. It means I sleep less,