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I think I found Christmas

Giving has nothing to do with presents. Nothing to do with conversations based on having Christmas shopping all done, items all wrapped.

Post the five-hundredth

Well there you go. This is the five-hundredth post. There are six thousand comments in all as I type. As for spam, 9,384 have been caught by my lovely spam filter. That's a

The stuff of life

This afternoon if you glanced through the windows of the kinder, you would have seen a mother joyfully dancing with her daughter, teaching the rest of the children and staff how to Bollywood dance.

Happy Birthday

Today I have a guest posting on the blog. Mrs CC and I met on twitter and were united by our common love of gin. Now we are ladies that lunch. Well, if you

Evening time

Today I'm over at Planning with Kids talking about our evening routine, or lack there of as the case may be some nights. Come over and say hello.

The Dawn Service

As the clock turned to four we parked. A rustle of rain coats, hats and scarves. Last sips of warm milo and tea from travel mugs. A walk, at quick pace through a sleepy