Admitting defeat

So it is more than clear now that I have completely failed at the whole blog every day for a month thing. I admit defeat. I have no excuse. I just didn’t blog some days. The whole just write, just blog seems not to be doable for me.

I learnt the hard way to give myself breathing space. I know when enough is enough and tend to shut down a little. Cut off the non essentials. Like writing a blog post every day. Challenges are all good and well, but the dreaded home/work balance is teetering perilously close to tipping point without the added extras.

The pointy end of the year is here and I am clawing my way to the end. The evening is my haven. Away from noise and the demands of each day. I want comfort television with a side of gin. Blogging is not high on my priority when I finally sit down. The words, sometimes, somedays they just do not come. I have made my peace with that.

I have work to complete, a house in disarray, children over tired after a long school year. The end is in sight. I just have to get there in some semblance of one piece. I can do it; well there is no alternative. In the meantime, there is music and joy, and more takeaway meals than is recommended. It is how the end of the year rolls. I can live with that.

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