Hello Hi there, I’m Naomi. I live in the Dandenong Ranges, just out of Melbourne with my husband and my teenage son and daughter. I spend my days as an early childhood teacher, parenting, writing, running and baking wonky cakes. There are way too many photos of my feet on Instagram. It’s an addiction. I’m constantly reading. I find it impossible to resist a book shop, and love my kindle. In our house, we all have a love of movies, good and not so good TV. 

As a child, teen and in my early 20s, I loved to run, but somewhere along the way that got lost. At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was hard to come to terms with and to accept daily medication was now part of my life.  I began running again in 2009. Slowly. Very slowly I worked up to completing a 4km run, then a few 10km events. From there is was 15km, and now I run a half marathon each year.

In 2013 I fell while running, smashing three teeth and needing stitches to put my top lip back together. It took a while to get back into running, and I do take some paths at a slower pace now. It left me with a wonky lip, and a new respect for steep gravel paths. 

I spent much of my childhood and early adult life in Hobart, Tasmania. My family are still there. With my kids and husband, we spend a lot of our time in Tassie. Usually with our exasperating, loveable Fox Terrier, Rusty the Wonder Dog. He even has his own hashtag on Instagram!

A sometimes argumentative political junkie and social justice advocate, I love a good debate. Heated discussion is my preferred dinner party mode. I love to cook, drink gin and spend time with friends.

I have recently taken up sewing, with some success and a lot of swearing. It’s all part of our aim to live a slower life, with less impact on the planet. Less waste, less needless spending.

We are aiming for a simpler life. Slowing down. Taking time out. Growing some of our own food, using whole foods, not spending for the sake of it. It doesn’t always work.

This blog is about the things that go on in my day to day life. A record of my thoughts, and sometimes a trip down nostalgia lane, especially when baking recipes from my childhood. It’s a record of our family life. It is a story still unfolding.