A well loved vintage

I have in my wardrobe a well worn black velvet blazer. I have had it since I was 18 and still wear it every year, that’s 20 years of wearing it. It was second hand when it came to me. My best friend bought it for 50 cents in Vinnies. She gave it to me, as she is tall, and it didn’t fit her lovely long, lean limbs for long.

When we were in uni, I covered the silver buttons with velvet, this is the only change I’ve made.  The pockets are just the right size for lipstick, and a small credit card plastic slip cover that also fits my license – I used to need it for ID, now I take it incase I’m in an accident.

The blazer is timeless, it still fits me like a glove.  It has a well worn feel, and a softness to it. When I put it on I always feel great.  It’s like coming home. That’s what it feels like when I see my friend.  Home.  It is home.  She is home.

We have been friends since primary school.  We have had the same, now very cringe worthy, boy crushes. We have roller skated in disco glory, sang with hair brushes to Wham! Worn gumboots and thrown fire crackers into puddles at just the right moment for them to explode in a flurry of mud and water and smoke… we have been wearing each others clothes for what seems like forever.  Say the words ‘burger rings’ and we’ll both smile.  We started our teaching careers at the same school. We have been through heartbreak, relationships, pregnancy, child birth.

I know how incredibly lucky I am to have her as a friend… have her as part of my life for so long. She knows me better than I know myself most likely.  We are separated now by a state and a sea.  We have facebook, and twitter and texts and the phone.  We have planes, and the ability to slip into each others houses without the need to ask if it’s convenient.

And when we are not near, I miss her.  But, I have a black velvet blazer with black satin lining, material full of memories and friendship and love.  I wear it for style, and warmth.  But mostly I wear it for the way her life and mine are woven into the weft and the warp of the cloth.

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