A week in dresses… I can do that!

Week one of the school holidays is all but over. Already. Damnit. It’s been a good week with a bit of mooching and a bit of doing. Time at home, time in the city, time to run and time just to sit. I could have done with a bit less of the weather. Really Mother Nature, do we need this much cold, wet, rainy, wind?

This week also saw Fox In Flats host a dress dare. The rules were simple enough. Wear a dress all day, every day for a week. Me and dresses, we go way back, so I was in.  I did break the rules a little though… I mean running 20km in a dress would have been ridiculous. Ditto strength and abs training. But, apart from that I wore a dress every day.

Dresses make me feel better. They just do. More feminine perhaps. I think for me the trick is to wear cuts that I know work for my shape. I have a great vintage style dress all ready and waiting for my upcoming 40th this year… and another one custom made from vintage fabric for a wedding.  Nearly every dress I own has the same shape or cut. Some of my favourite dresses I’ve been wearing for years.  For me it’s what makes me feel good, not the latest fashion.

So then, that’s it really. Five days and five dresses.  I have more days, and more dresses… I am just hoping for some nicer weather… fingers crossed!
Without further ado… here I am in 6 dresses, one jacket and way too much of my bathroom!
Tell me, do you wear dresses? What’s your favourite shape or style? 

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