10 tips for a slow day

nothing to do

Here’s the thing. Some days you really should just stop. You should stay home and not bother with all the things you’re so sure are necessary. Busy-ness shouldn’t be a prize to be bragged about.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of tips related to do nothing days.

The dishes can wait.

I know. Crazy talk. But sometimes unwashed items can remain on the sink or bench. The sky won’t fall in. Promise.

Kids can load and unload dishwashers.

They can also do the dishes. Even really young kids. OK, so you may want to remove the super sharp knives, but nothing keeps a kid happier than warm water, bubbles and some dirty dishes. Pull up a chair to the sink, so they can reach, pull up their sleeves and let them have at it.

Pyjamas are fantastic all day wear. 

It’s true. If you’re really worried about an unexpected drop in guest, or a courier, wear trackeis. Even put on a bra if you really want to. But soft pants are required for lounging.

Piles are so hot right now. 

Books, unread magazines, cook books. Whatever floats your reading boat. Put a pile near a comfy chair or sofa. Make a cup of tea, coffee, bonox. Sit and sip it slowly as you read.

You can fold and watch.

Hurl all that unfolded washing onto the couch. Put on a favourite movie. Fold as you watch. Better yet, use the washing as extra cushioning as you watch. On chilly days, use it as a blanket. Also doubles as tissues for those tear inducing movies.


Don’t be ridiculous.

Stalking. It’s almost as good as exercise. 

Social media is all kinds of fun. Especially when lurking. Remember when in full lurk mode not to like or favourite anything. Totally gives the game away.

Baking is good for the soul.

So are store bought cakes. Instagraming of either home baked or store bought goods is not strictly necessary. But if you do, remember cakes look better with clean lines and open bench space. If your kids haven’t done the dishes yet, crop any unwashed piles of dishes out of the final photo.

Wine should always be in the fridge. 

On stay at home days, wine time comes early. How early depends on you.

Toast is tops. 

Toast is a base for many meals. On a stay at home day it can be the main part of all non cake related food intake. You can even get all fancy with poached eggs, or beans. Bacon is a necessity.


There you have it. A non-exhaustive list of things to do on a do nothing day. I’m sure there are more. But that would require effort. And that’s not really in the spirit of this post. Do you have anything to add? What tips do you have for a slow day?

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